Thursday, June 26, 2008

Investigating the Selenites

The expedition went well, if a bit slow to gather all the Adventurous Souls together - Frau Annechen Lowey, Fraulein Eugenia Burton, Lt. Veles of the J├Ągerkin, Herr Ash Mason and myself descended in a lift-like vertikon device from the surface into the very depths of the mine site. Eventually we were joined by Herr Colonel O'Toole and Fraulein Duchess Eva Bellambi; then Herr Donovan Messerchmitt (a recently-arrived Europan emigre) and Herr Otto Robonaught, also of the J├Ągerkin; and finally by Herr Iason Hassanov.

Between the (Jesuit?) schooling of Hotspur's, and Ash Mason's unique memories, we made our way through the engraved scripts on the walls to determine this was a recording by ancient Caledonians of the disasterous Selenite invasion, long before northern Caledon arose from the waves (glacial suppression, perhaps?) and when a land mass south of the Moors still rose high enough to provide dry land extending almost as far south as Loch Avie.

You may see some of what we examined here:


Darien Mason said...

Excellent! Let's meet at Novem tonight to discuss it!

Frau A. S. Lowey said...

Report linked from Ash Mason here.

Further reporting regarding the adverse effects of the clash of technologies and the alien vapours pending clearance and release approval.

Darien Mason said...

Fascinating! If I wasn't preoccupied performing an exorcism at Novem I would have tagged along, but I see Ash has written a very solid report.

Kate Nicholas, F.R.S. said...

As mentioned in a recent comment on Mr OToole's site, I believe I have some insight into the script found during the Moors expedition.

Further study is underway.