Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tonight's Prizes...

The Best Mad Scientist receives a new Studley Toolchest courtesy of Cut & Pearsed.

The Best Guinea Pig wins the Professor Westheimer's Hysteria Reducer Mk. IV (Patent Pending), exclusively distributed by Mr. Iason Hassanov. This device must be seen and heard to be believed!

Hand Monster sighted in...Victoriana!

Next stop...Babbage?

I am using the blood samples of the beast and aether frequencies associated with the Unseelie to attempt to make contact with the Creature. If indeed it is intelligent, perhaps it can be reasoned with. Though if my hand were cut off, eaten, submerged, buried and burned I would most likely not be in the mood for negotiations.

Is it wrong of me that I'm starting to root for the monster at this point?

In any event, if any Society members would like to contact the local Babbage military garrison (GEARS - not to be confused with the Steelhead club with a similar name), they could use all the help they can get. I think they have their hands full with an air kraken infestation at the moment.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"Hand Monster" Spotted in Antiquity

Long Distance Sighting

As we speak a throng of drunken Babbagers are loading up with cold iron weaponry and swerving through the skies in their airships towards those green rolling hills.

Please warn the local populace.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Introducing New Members!

Mr. Iason Hassanov needs no intrroduction. A military-grade construct of noble character and unparalleled engineering skills.

Miss Beq Janus of New Babbage is an engineer specializing in submersible technology. She has investigated underground occult activities in her city, and her determination in disposing the remains of the contagious Monster Hand at great personal risk garnered the admiration of this author.

Mr. Huntington Albatros is a newcomer who has already taken several solo archaological expeditions, and was enthusiastic to hear of our Society. He is also a skilled musical orchestrator.

Also, my son Ash Mason has proven himself to be a concise reporter on the Selenite expedition.

Please welcome these members personally if you haven't already, and help them with the paperwork when needed. Don't hesitate to announce new recruits in the same manner!

~Dr. Mason

P.S. Has anyone run into that Hand Monster in Antiquity yet?