Friday, August 22, 2008

A one-person excursion to Saint Kitt

This report is horribly late, for which I apologize, but Baron Wulfenbach more or less chained me to a desk and insisted I post this before he could post his report on Saint Kitt's destruction. I went there after Caledon's chat had scuttlebutt of increased activity in the islands' volcano. Okeanos Magic (my sort-of-niece) and I had explored it pretty thoroughly at one point in hopes of finding new minerals or unusual shells to collect, as we are both Mushroom Hunters of the Roses, so I was familiar with the quiescent look of the place, and where to climb.

It was not quiescent at all when I went there on 17 July. Herein I present my photographic documentation of the state of Saint Kitt on that day:
Although the heat and the flowing lava were alarming, as long as I had my broom or some other means to move away quickly, I never felt I was particularly at hazard. Sadly, this seemed to also be the conclusion of the survey team Guvnah Shang hired, except their overly-optimistic conclusions led to mass disaster.

In service to the Society, I am,

Tanarian Davies

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Come Asking For Assistance

I realize that members of the Society are all busy with their own perils and adventures, but I feel I must make this request.

As many of you are aware, as is evident from the minutes of Steelhead's recent town meeting, held on August 5, my cousin, and sheriff of Steelhead, Fuzzball Ortega, revealed that his home was fired upon. His front porch and his scarecrow was hit with silver tipped bullets.

My guess is that the assailant was firing from afar, and mistook the scarecrow as Fuzz. It is wearing his old gray outfit and hat.

What is very eerie, is the fact that I have been having certain visions.....which I know probably sounds daft, but it seems so real. I will begin chronicling each vision in my aether journal, to give everyone a more detailed account on what I'm seeing. I fear that the failed attempt on Fuzz's life is the beginning of something more horrifying.

Naturally, Fuzz will refuse any type of protection. Before leaving Moldavia, he had completed training for the warrior cast in his Lycan tribe, pride will not allow him to stay hidden. Perhaps, however, the Society could help in other ways, if possible.

I humbly await your reply,

Purdie Uggla

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bring the Fleet Around, Attack in Line Abreast!

On the Quarterdeck of the Lion of Cymmru, a slight altercation was taking
place. O'Toole snapped his telescope shut briskly and gave orders to the
signalman for the fleet to execute a turn in line and close with the enemy taking
advantage of the wind gage and favorable atmopsheric conditions.

Of all his captains, only one possessed the seniority, temerity, longstanding friendship,
to raise an objection.

Captain O'Toole of the Middlesea Fleet:

By God, Somme, they are allies, we cannot turn our back on our friends
and pretend to hold our head up high amongst the rank of civilized nations!

Commander Somme of the Middlesea Fleet:

Sir, as your subordinate, I would be negligent in my DUTY were I not to
REMIND you that the Fleet is legally constituted as a HOME DEFENSE fleet,
for securing the borders of Caledon, not for operating in foreign waters...

Captain O'Toole:

Somme, we are a long way from Caledon jurisdictional authority.
What happens out here will not be mentioned in the Naval Gazette,
nor will they write songs about it. We are in for some
dirty fighting, if my spyglass does not lie.

CDR Somme:

Sir, this is the THIRD extra-territorial cruise undertaken by
the fleet in so many months, and it will not escape the Guvnah's
notice this time!

Captain O'Toole:

(Quietly) Somme, if you do not tend to your ship on the instant,
I can find someone who can. Are you with me or not?

CDR Somme:

Dammit, O'Toole, you know I am, no man living can claim I showed
faint heart for an action,nor have any of my crew.. but you are
out of favor at the moment-- this could have
your career in ruins back home!

O'Toole's face broke into a wide grin.

Let us leave that into the hands of Dame Fortune, Ex.
We didn't join the service to sightsee, eh?
(louder) Now off to the L'Adventure, and see to your guns!

What do we know about psionic demons, bosun?
Should we double shot the cannon?
Heat shot? What?....