Sunday, July 6, 2008

Introducing New Members!

Mr. Iason Hassanov needs no intrroduction. A military-grade construct of noble character and unparalleled engineering skills.

Miss Beq Janus of New Babbage is an engineer specializing in submersible technology. She has investigated underground occult activities in her city, and her determination in disposing the remains of the contagious Monster Hand at great personal risk garnered the admiration of this author.

Mr. Huntington Albatros is a newcomer who has already taken several solo archaological expeditions, and was enthusiastic to hear of our Society. He is also a skilled musical orchestrator.

Also, my son Ash Mason has proven himself to be a concise reporter on the Selenite expedition.

Please welcome these members personally if you haven't already, and help them with the paperwork when needed. Don't hesitate to announce new recruits in the same manner!

~Dr. Mason

P.S. Has anyone run into that Hand Monster in Antiquity yet?

1 comment:

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

I am acquainted with Herr Mason; and Herr Hassanov, of course (he once claimed a family resemblance), but I look forward to meeting these other new members.