Friday, August 22, 2008

A one-person excursion to Saint Kitt

This report is horribly late, for which I apologize, but Baron Wulfenbach more or less chained me to a desk and insisted I post this before he could post his report on Saint Kitt's destruction. I went there after Caledon's chat had scuttlebutt of increased activity in the islands' volcano. Okeanos Magic (my sort-of-niece) and I had explored it pretty thoroughly at one point in hopes of finding new minerals or unusual shells to collect, as we are both Mushroom Hunters of the Roses, so I was familiar with the quiescent look of the place, and where to climb.

It was not quiescent at all when I went there on 17 July. Herein I present my photographic documentation of the state of Saint Kitt on that day:
Although the heat and the flowing lava were alarming, as long as I had my broom or some other means to move away quickly, I never felt I was particularly at hazard. Sadly, this seemed to also be the conclusion of the survey team Guvnah Shang hired, except their overly-optimistic conclusions led to mass disaster.

In service to the Society, I am,

Tanarian Davies

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