Monday, October 20, 2008

Please welcome Mr. Sands to the Society

To My Distinguished Colleagues of the Society,

Mr. Nix Sands has undertaken astounding historical and archaeological research into the Precursor culture known as the Aerodynes (not to be confused with the Heterodynes of course) to the point or restoring and reproducing some of their artifacts. From short conversations I had with him concerning his research, I gathered that the Aerodynes were a Steam-based culture with a more aggressive style of imperialism than the Caledonians. The record suggests that were ultimately destroyed when the peoples they conquered mastered their advanced technology and turned it against them.

I've invited Mr. Sands to our Society to enlighten us as to the mysteries of this fallen culture, what technological wonders they built that may be of interest to the modern Neo-Victorian, and what moral we may gain from their hubris.

~Dr. Mason

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Baron K. Wulfenbach said...

An excellent choice for a new member. He has already proved himself quite the survivor, as I will, ah, eventually document.