Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Come Asking For Assistance

I realize that members of the Society are all busy with their own perils and adventures, but I feel I must make this request.

As many of you are aware, as is evident from the minutes of Steelhead's recent town meeting, held on August 5, my cousin, and sheriff of Steelhead, Fuzzball Ortega, revealed that his home was fired upon. His front porch and his scarecrow was hit with silver tipped bullets.

My guess is that the assailant was firing from afar, and mistook the scarecrow as Fuzz. It is wearing his old gray outfit and hat.

What is very eerie, is the fact that I have been having certain visions.....which I know probably sounds daft, but it seems so real. I will begin chronicling each vision in my aether journal, to give everyone a more detailed account on what I'm seeing. I fear that the failed attempt on Fuzz's life is the beginning of something more horrifying.

Naturally, Fuzz will refuse any type of protection. Before leaving Moldavia, he had completed training for the warrior cast in his Lycan tribe, pride will not allow him to stay hidden. Perhaps, however, the Society could help in other ways, if possible.

I humbly await your reply,

Purdie Uggla


Koen said...

Well, most of my family's busy with the whole demon-dolly pirate alliance, but if somebody's shooting at fuzzy people, I take it personal.

Count me in!

Ama said...

Our Haus is spread kinda thin right now, too - but I will increase my patrols at Steelhead. Maybe hypervigilance will not be seen a vigilanteism.

Anonymous said...

Do you need a hand from an outside source? Not sure what I can do, but I'll do what I can - just let me know.